Everything You Need to Keep Your New Home from Becoming a Money Pit
...with a Personal Concierge to Get You Started
Upkeepr's Concierge Service is for you 
if you want a helping hand to make your new home a place that's comfortable and well-maintained, so you can relax and enjoy it, even if you...

  • Aren't sure what needs to be maintained
  • Don't think you're very handy around the house
  • ​Don't think you have time to do home maintenance
  • Already have a handyman who fixes stuff

You've got your new home. Now what? 
Even in a New Home, Ignoring Home Maintenance Will Cost You!

Waiting to fix things when they break can get expensive and take the joy right out of home ownership. 
  • Money: You pay emergency service fees when things break.
  • Time: You waste time researching how to do occasional upkeep - Every. Single. Time.
  • Frustration: It’s super inconvenient when things break down or worse – disaster happens.
This summer while we were away, our AC condensation overflowed and ruined our ceilings, walls, floors, and even our kitchen cabinets. It cost thousands to repair. It could have all been easily avoided if we had known that AC condensate lines can get clogged and need regular maintenance!

How do you Become A Proactive Home Upkeeper so you can Avoid Expensive Repairs and Upheaval in your Home?

Upkeepr's New Homeowner Concierge Service

The New Homeowner Concierge Service includes powerful software, a personalized on-boarding service, and one-on-one orientation and coaching to give you everything you need: 
  • Know what needs to be maintained and when
  • Avoid the costliest emergency repairs and breakdowns
  • Be empowered and motivated to maintain your biggest investment
  • ​Know how to fix things and who to call
Do you want to take on the never-ending struggle of trying to get your home to look and feel like your castle, or would you rather learn from an expert?

"I'm not alone! My concierge took me from Home Upkeep Noob to Home Upkeep Pro!"

To keep your house from potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs, you need an expert coach to show you how, someone to help you create a custom system for success.
When I started adding things to Upkeepr and recording when I’d done the last regular maintenance, I realized that a lot of stuff was overdue. I was way further behind than I’d thought, and some things needed serious attention. Now that I know, I get things done and there aren't any ugly surprises.
 - Richard   

If you can relate, then Upkeepr's
New Homeowner Jumpstart Program is for you!

Brand new to home maintenance?
Maybe you don't know where to get started or you just need someone to help you figure out how to avoid common, expensive pitfalls like emergency repairs.

Owned a home before?
Then you already know what it takes to maintain a home and perhaps you're dreading it because you don't have a system in place to make things easier on you.

Just want someone to do it for you?
Most of us just want a partner there to get you on board quickly and stay ahead. You want a concierge to get you started and a coach, so you stay on track.

Ignoring Home Maintenance Will Cost You!

According to a survey by Hippo insurance firm, 77% of homeowners have dealt with an unexpected issue that required shelling out money for a repair in their first year of owning their house.

53% of repairs cost between $1000-$4999. Another 13% cost even more.

“Many homebuyers … are vastly unprepared for what’s waiting for them as homeowners,” said Courtney Klosterman, home insights expert at Hippo.
Amateurs use utilities like calendars, photo libraries, and notepads to plan and schedule maintenance, but those tools just leave you with fragments of a real maintenance plan, forcing you to remember how it all comes together.

There's got to be a better way than just waiting for the next thing to go wrong or trying not to forget something important. And you WILL forget something important.

Why Upkeepr's Concierge Service?

Do you dream about living in a home that you love?
Do you feel unprepared for the challenge of owning a new home?
Are you ready to get out from under the fear of the unknown and the unexpected breakdown?
Maybe in the past you've tried to make your home your haven, but didn't have an effective system to keep things up; maybe you have no idea where to even get started, or maybe you're dreading the effort to make a plan for everything that needs to be done...

...but you want a partner to help you achieve your dream and be free of your fears, confident that everything in your new home is well-maintained. You just want to feel like you can relax after a hard day's work.

Upkeepr's Concierge Service can do just that for you! You will feel the comfort of having a plan in place and knowing that your expert coach will get you there!

Benefits of the New Homeowner Concierge Service
We help you:
  • Set up a plan to conquer home maintenance and give you pride of ownership and a feeling of accomplishment
  • ​Learn what needs to be maintained in your home and how to take action
  • ​Keep your home in top condition and reduce the chance of emergency repairs
We give you:
  • A personal on-boarding service to set up a custom inventory and maintenance schedule that works for you
  • ​Personal coaching to grow your plan so that all your important items are well maintained
  • ​A proven software system with your custom maintenance schedule that can be securely accessed anytime, anywhere

Steps of the Concierge Service

We'll lead you through these phases of the program:

How To Make Your New Home Your Sanctuary
and Keep It That Way!

From Todd at Upkeepr
Alexandria, Virginia

Dear friend,

Your home is your sanctuary - a place of safety and serenity. But for many, it's a place of chaos and stress, with unexpected and expensive disaster just waiting to happen. Can you ever turn it into a peaceful oasis?

Of course you can! Let us work with you to make your home a place you love. We've had years of experience owning and successfully maintaining homes. There's a secret to creating that peaceful place for yourself.

Get the Upkeepr New Homeowner Concierge Service and let us help you turn your home into your sanctuary, too.

You Might Be Thinking...

Why do I need a system to tell me my house needs upkeep?

The last thing you want is a useless app to tell you that you need to clean your toilets, and a coach to help get you there. Upkeepr's New Homeowner Concierge Service is designed to get you up and running quickly with a system that will help you take care of the things that aren't so obvious as daily housekeeping, that if forgotten, will hit you hard, with an unexpectedly large repair expense. Your fast track to success will help you be productive quickly, see lasting results, and protect you from loss. After your coach sets you up, from there it's just maintenance, so to speak. You'll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your beautiful home with your family.

What types of things can I keep track of in the app?

Keep track of anything. While the Concierge Service focuses specifically on the items that need maintenance in your home like your air conditioner or your roof, Upkeepr Premium lets you add any item at all to your maintenance list. Add items like your vehicles, pets, pool, boat, and yes, even your toilets, to the list. The Upkeepr New Homeowner Concierge Service comes with a 24-month subscription to the Upkeepr Premium app. 

Is my information secure?

The security and confidentiality of your data are important to us. We apply industry best-practices to secure your data in the cloud and to protect it from those who might try to gain unauthorized access. Our combination of security measures includes secure login mechanisms, world-class secure hosting sites, and state-of-the-art data security through encryption and key vault technology. 

If I get the Concierge Service today, when can I meet with my concierge?

As soon as you're ready! Once you place your order, your personal concierge will contact you via email to schedule your first video or voice call. Be prepared to move quickly because we'd like you up and running as soon as possible. 

What type of information does my concierge need to set up my personalized system?

Your home is full of systems and appliances that need maintenance. You'll be asked to provide information such as when your house was built, the make, model, and year of important systems like HVAC and appliances, and other items you'd like to maintain, such as a pool or a wooden deck. Once the basic systems and structures have been added, your concierge will develop a suggested maintenance schedule for the items. We'll teach you how to add new items and activities yourself so that you can work independently and eventually use Upkeepr for all your maintenance needs.

Can I contact my concierge after my system is setup?

Yes, for a limited time you can bring all your questions to your concierge. Our technical support staff are also always here to provide on-going support.

I never stick with anything. Will I be able to make this a habit?

So, Upkeepr can be viewed as a productivity tool, and of course, you'll be able to integrate your activities into your calendar and get things done swiftly. But, Upkeepr is really designed to show you what needs to be done and how to do it, improving your home over time, and then enjoying what you've accomplished. It can really be more about life balance and taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor than merely brute-force to-do-lists. We have people that use Upkeepr religiously, every day, to maintain their homes and keep records of what they've done, and they have great accomplishments. We also have people that set up a few activities for their items and take it slowly, taking time to relax and smell the roses, as it's a work in progress. The framework is there, and your concierge will help you begin to develop your new habit, whatever it may be. You'll be so excited with your progress it will be difficult for you to let it all slip away.

No Risk Guarantee!

If for any reason, within 14 days of purchase, you're not satisfied with our product or service, just let us know and we'll refund you in full.  

That's right!  You can use the software and our personal on-boarding service, tell us you didn't like it, and get your money back.

Whether you followed the steps or not, you can tell us that it's not what you're looking for and we'll reverse the transaction on your credit card and refund you the money.


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  • ​Upkeepr Premium Support
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