Got that uneasy feeling that things might break down at any moment?
Adulting is hard, but Upkeepr makes it easy.
Everyone has stuff in their lives that requires upkeep.  Whether it's just a pet, a vehicle or two, or maybe a home full of appliances and major systems, we could all use an assistant to help us remember when and what needs to be done.

Upkeepr is Your Digital Upkeep assistant. It keeps track of your stuff, including upkeep schedules for each item, plus any notes, pics, vids, whatever - so you don't have to. Upkeepr makes it easy to "Keep things well."  

Get the Upkeepr Premium Bundle and get the peace of mind that comes with having a plan, remembering what to do, and ultimately saving money, time, and frustration!
Breakdowns cost you time, money, and your sanity!  
It's happened before and it will happen again.
Do you ever have problems like this?
  • I forgot some simple upkeep and now this thing is broken right when I need it.
  • ​I can’t find my notes on how I fixed this years ago.
  • ​I don’t remember who did this last or when.
  • ​I have to replace a part, but I deleted the video I recorded for how to do it. 
  • ​I bought the wrong supplies because I couldn't find my notes and pictures of the right ones.
  • I just got service done and then remembered I already had a service contract with someone else.

A little procrastination shouldn't cost you the family vacation.

You’re human. We all are.

But if you put off some basic home maintenance day after day, one day the hot water heater you never drained will rupture, or the AC you never serviced will start leaking into your attic and down your walls, or the foundation you neglected will crack and cause plumbing ruptures. At the worst time, a disaster like this will mean a cancelled vacation and a lot of money.  But no matter when it happens, a breakdown and emergency repair will cost you time and money you’d rather spend on something much more fun.
Don’t procrastinate! Get Upkeepr today and start keeping things well.
Adulting is Hard and Your Current Tools Suck!

From Todd at Upkeepr
Alexandria, Virginia

Dear friend,

Like you, I used to struggle to keep track of what maintenance needed to be done and when. 

I juggled to-do lists, calendars, and pictures of important stuff. But no matter how hard I tried to stay organized, things still fell through the cracks.

Then we built Upkeepr!  It's the world's first general-purpose Smart Maintenance app, solving the upkeep management problem for anything and everything.  Upkeepr Premium reminds you of upkeep, records what you've done, and even helps you plan projects.  Plus, it points you to how-to guides and service providers to lend a hand whenever you need help.  

Upkeepr Premium has all the power you need to keep things well, from homes and appliances to pets and valuables to vehicles and equipment. For personal items or small business assets, Upkeepr is purpose-built to manage all your upkeep.

Get started today with Upkeepr - Your Digital Upkeep Assistant!

It feels like a never-ending struggle
that you can’t win
If you don’t stay on top of upkeep, it will cost you time, money, and your cool.

  • It’s super inconvenient when things break down or worse – disaster happens.
  • You pay emergency service fees when things break.
  • You waste time researching how to do occasional upkeep - Every. Single. Time.
  • You buy the wrong supplies or double up when you can’t find the ones you have.
  • You forget you bought a service only to buy it again somewhere else.
If you’re just reacting, it feels like you’re busy dealing with one thing when something else breaks.

Don't get locked out of your own home.

We know.  It’s easy to put off that little upkeep until it grows urgent.

You come home from a drive and click the garage door remote to open the door, but it doesn’t budge. Now you’re stuck outside and wondering what could possibly have gone wrong. Maybe you didn’t know garage doors need the occasional tune-up, or maybe you just procrastinated and never got around to doing it. Now either the rollers are jammed up and the opener is burned out or the springs are broken. Repairs are bound to be expensive.  And the worst part: it probably could have been avoided with just a little regular upkeep.
Adulting is hard, but Upkeepr makes it easy. Get Upkeepr today and stop putting off basic maintenance until it becomes an expensive personal crisis. 

How do you Take Control of All your Upkeep?

You need one system that reminds you of what upkeep needs to be done and helps you do it, so you can stay on top of necessary maintenance.
You could be proactive if:
  • You got reminders of what needs to be done.
  • You could easily see what you’ve done in the past.
  • You could remember which service providers helped you before.
  • ​Everything was linked together and easily accessible.
Upkeepr Premium will help you with all of that!  Don’t be a victim of your own procrastination! Get the right app to help you now!

How Does Upkeepr Work?

Upkeepr guides you through this simple process for each item you want to maintain:
Then just rinse and repeat.  It's easy and useful for so many things!

Ignoring a little leak shouldn't cost you the enjoyment of your home.

We get it. Not knowing how to handle little issues can lead to putting things off.

You just noticed an ugly green and black stain developing on your wall. You knew the window leaked a little around the sill, but only when it rained and then it dried out. You had no idea it would balloon into a problem costing thousands for water damage repair and mold remediation. Now you have to vacate while professionals come in to strip down, treat, and rebuild whole rooms of your house. It costs thousands and is so inconvenient! 
Upkeepr can help, whether you call a professional or do it yourself with a how-to guide. Spending a little now can save you thousands down the road. Get Upkeepr today and start keeping things well. 

Here's Everything you get in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle:

Upkeepr Premium: 12-Month Subscription

12-months of the Upkeepr Premium Subscription

Total Value: $60

  • Upkeep Reminders: Notifications pushed to your phone or via email.
  • Plan and Manage Upkeep: Plan upkeep with one-off, recurring, or ad hoc schedules, then track your progress.
  • Vendor Info: Contact information for all your vendors for various products or services. 
  • Always Accessible Records: Automatic digital records of your upkeep, organized by item, and accessible from any device or browser.
  • Calendar Integration: See your activities due right in your desktop or mobile calendar, just a tap away from your Upkeepr info.
  • Projects: Plan and track lightweight projects like home renovations, seasonal yard work, weekend car upkeep, even pet visits to the vet.

Included in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle

Upkeepr Premium Support: Online Product Support

Upkeepr Premium Support


  • User Questions: Ask about the best way to do something in Upkeepr.
  • Bug Reports and Fixes: Tell us about any issues you have, and we’ll work to resolve them quickly.
  • Feature Requests: Get notified when new features you request are ready for you to use

Included in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Home Inventory Checklist

Interactive & Customizable Home Inventory Checklist

Value: $27

  • Valuable: Take inventory of your household goods for insurance purposes, estate planning, and even moving.
  • ​Accessible anywhere: Use it online from any browser.
  • Interactive: Mark things off as you progress
  • Customizable: Add any custom items you want
  • Shareable: Share with your family members or housemates 

Included in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Road-trip-ready Car Checklist

Interactive & Customizable Car Upkeep Checklist

Value: $27

  • Valuable: Get your car, truck, van, SUV, or RV ready for an epic road trip, special date night, or just driving in style.
  • ​Accessible anywhere: Use it online from any browser.
  • Interactive: Mark things off as you progress.
  • Customizable: Add any custom items you want.
  • Shareable: Share with your family members or housemates.

Included in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Pet Care Checklist

Interactive & Customizable Pet Care & Upkeep Checklist

Value: $27

  • Valuable: Keep your pet happy and healthy by staying on top of regular, occasional, and yearly care.
  • ​Accessible anywhere: Use it online from any browser.
  • Interactive: Mark things off as you progress.
  • Customizable: Add any custom items you want.
  • Shareable: Share with your family members or housemates.

Included in the Upkeepr Premium Bundle

Not knowing what maintenance to do shouldn’t cost you a paycheck.

We all have limits. You just can't know everything to do for everything you own.

Your car warranty is up and it's just so expensive to take it in to the dealership. Or maybe you bought a used car and don't even know what regular maintenance you should do. But ignoring something as simple as checking your brake pads can lead to grinding on your rotors and require full replacement. Skipping an alignment can wear through your tires fast so you lose years of use and hundreds in replacement. Not replacing belts can cause pump, cooling, and even full-on engine failure. Besides the disruption and embarrassment, towing and emergency repairs are super inconvenient and super expensive.
Upkeepr shows you what upkeep is needed and reminds you when it's due. Let Upkeepr track your preventative maintenance and avoid inconvenient and expensive repairs. Get Upkeepr today!
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  • ​​Upkeepr Premium Support
  • ​Home Inventory Checklist
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  • Ultimate Road-trip-ready Car Checklist
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  • Ultimate Pet Care Checklist
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